Tool Joint

Tool joints of our company are made of modified alloy steel, then fully heat treated. So the mechanical properties in accordance with API standard, such as hardness, strength and impact strength are accorded with standard. All connections are accorded with API Spec. and phosphatized or copper plated in order to improve capacity of resistance to corrosion and anti-galling

Superior-qualitygreenpipe&Advanced heat treatment process-HighStrength&hightoughness(especiallyunder low temperature)
•Tomeet or exceed requirements of the API 7-1,API 7g&IS09001
•Equippedwith advanced inspection instruments and a strictly enforced qualitycontrollingsystem,the final products are guaranteed to be of superiorandstablequality.
Due  to our qrofessional technicians&productflexibility,we are capable of meetingsome customer' s specific requirements.