Drill Collar

Drill  collaris a component of a drill string that provides weight on bit fordrilling. Thiskind of trenchless tool is a thick-walled tubular piece that  is machined from a solid bar of steel,usually plain carbon steel but sometimes ofnonmagnetic nickel-copper alloy orother nonmagnetic premium alloys. The solidbar is quenched and tempered toobtain the required mechanical properties, thentrepanned, drifted and threaded.Located at the bottom of the drill string,drill collar is a major component ofbottom hole assembly. The maincharacteristic of this trenchless tool is thickwall (It is generally between38 mm to 53 mm and is equivalent to 4 to 6 timesof that of drill pipe), largergravity and stiffness.

Superior-qualitygreenpipe&Advanced heat treatment process-HighStrength&hightoughness(especiallyunder low temperature)
•Tomeet or exceed requirements of the API 7-1,API 7g&IS09001
•Equippedwith advanced inspection instruments and a strictly enforced qualitycontrollingsystem,the final products are guaranteed to be of superiorandstablequality.
Due  to our qrofessional technicians&productflexibility,we are capable of meetingsome customer' s specific requirements.